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Assia’s art sessions take me away from my everyday world and help me connect with my creativity.

In a warm relaxed gallery atmosphere with endless tea Assia offers carefully planned lessons with a great mixture of theory and practise.

The warmup sequences at the start awaken your senses to prepare you for the project. Soft ambient music in the background helps you tap in your creative flow.   

Assia allows you to work at your own pace and her advice is just a call away. Learning from an artist is inspiring. Good size of class promotes exchange without impacting personal attention.

I highly recommend Assia’s art classes, appropriate from complete beginners to advanced. They get you out of your comfort zone and have a meditative and therapeutic effect at the end of the week. 

Kristina, London


My name is Assia and I’m very happy to welcome you in this discovery art programme.
I’ve worked in the architecture,  mural decorative and fine art fields for almost 20 years now and a few years ago I had the pleasure to welcome young and less young people in my studio in Hong Kong. It's been a fascinating adventure so far and I'm willing to continue here in London to share my knowledge with you.


Registration must be done online above.
The first class can be purchased individually before committing to a whole programme.
Payment will be due (paid in full) before attempting to class. 
Classes will last two hours.


There will be no refunds for missed classes, however:
- If there is only one class running over the term, I will send you content & assignments for you to catch up at home.
- If there are 2 classes running over the term, according to availability, you can attend a double class over the term to make it up.
Interruption of the weekly progress inhibits a student from learning and progressing efficiently and as a project may run over 2 sessions, he/she will be delayed with the project. 


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