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Assia Bennani is a Moroccan artist and designer based in London.

Her semi-figurative paintings are a space of exploration where she aims to create visual bridges between different realities, cultures and time frames in a dreamlike atmosphere.

She mostly uses acrylic paint but enjoys other mediums like ink, gouache or oil paint.

Assia takes inspiration from her multicultural journey, memories, daily scenes and architectural details around her. She seeks to capture those quiet but moving moments that shape us.


In  this precious space of freedom, figuration will sometimes play with abstraction, vibrant colours converse with muted ones and rough textures with delicates details.

 She enjoys translating the contrasts and paradoxes that we often meet in our everyday lives through painting. They are part of us and contribute to the diversity and nuances of our world. 

Each painting is an attempt to find a sense of harmony amidst these forces. 


Born in Morocco, and now based in London, she studied interior design in Paris before working as a mural artist in Hong Kong for 13 years.

Her paintings have been featured in global art exhibitions and contemporary art fairs including Art Central, the Asia Contemporary Art show in Hong Kong and The Other Art Fair in London.

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5 chapters reflecting on my studio time

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338 Windmill Road
W5 4UR London
United Kingdom
(+44) 7510 791511

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