Painter & illustrator

Moroccan-french artist based in London.
Layering thoughts & places through painting. Celebrating diversity.

My painting work is made of a mosaic of textures & patterns, reflecting my multi-cultural background and dreamy personality.
Each painting is formed from layers and layers of reworking, mixing figurative and rigorous details with evanescent, calming textured compositions.
I stop the exploration when a quiet and joyful harmony irradiates from the painting, when I finally feels that my two words are blended and rebalance each other.

I invite you to have your own take on this journey of colours & textures and escape into a dreamlike world.


The time is suspended. A moment of poetry and candor in our all too busy lives.
Assia'painting are a call to contemplation and to the child inside each of us.
In the memory of a time where discovery and wonder are constantly celebrated.

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177 Argyle road, Ealing
W13 0AU London
United Kingdom
(+44) 7510 791511

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