My work is made of

a mosaic of textures and patterns which reflect my multi-cultural background and contemplative personality

Leaves Shadow
I'm inspired by

all the countries I had the chance to live in and cultures that I have encountered.
The greatness of ordinariness and nature is where I feel a deep connection with myself.  

In the end, my art is about

exploring and connecting cultures
but also inviting viewers to slow down,
contemplate and find harmony in their busy lives.

" Art is an harmonisation between ourself and our environment, it's also the materialisation of our intuitions."

My process

might seem paradoxical since it is intuitive but also structured.

It is all about going with your instincts and turning them into a craft.


In time, we connect the dots of our life, we learn to play with them. Our life becomes more complex, layers upon layers, it becomes overwhelming but also makes it richer and more interesting.


Each painting is formed by layers and layers of reworking. Rigorous details and patterns mix themselves with evanescent, calming textured backgrounds. 


My attraction to abstract and textures is probably linked to a need for freedom and expression that I sometimes feel missing in my everyday life. When I paint on a large scale, I feel incredibly alive.


There is also a more meditative aspect which happens with pattern work, where I quickly find myself in a flow and a focused state.


With these two practices I've enjoyed layering spaces, moments and thoughts within the painting.