Assia Bennani grew up in Casablanca, Morocco and moved to France at age 18 to study interior design at the LISAA School of Paris.

Eager to explore different universes and not lock herself in a box, Assia spent several years navigating between interior design, mural art and children’s book illustrations.

After moving to Hong Kong in 2007, immersed in an environment where creativity and diversity are embraced and celebrated every single day, Assia’s identity as an artist began to take shape and express itself.

Assia’s painting work is made of a mosaic of textures & patterns, reflecting her multi-cultural background and contemplative personality. 

Assia's paintings are formed with layers and layers of reworking, mixing figurative and rigorous details with evanescent, calming textured compositions.

Her creative process is quite intuitive. The exploration through paint is led by a quest towards harmony and flow. 

She invites viewers to have their own take on this journey of colours & textures, and, escape into a dreamlike world where they, in turn, become a creator.

Assia strongly believes in inclusion. She uses mostly acrylic paint, and although she sees her academic training in Decorative Art as a solid starting point, Assia is always eager to include new ingredients and techniques coming from other art disciplines or experimentation.

Assia lives now in London with her husband and two sons.


Read more about her inspirations and creative process here




2019 - Art Central with Sovereign art Foundation #Safpigs2019 - Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong
2018 - Couleurs de Chine Charity show, Hong Kong
2010 - Solo Show, Kama Sutra murals, PMQ Hong Kong



338 Windmill Road
W5 4UR London
United Kingdom
(+44) 7510 791511

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Photo by Sophie Bonnin Rocher