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I've always enjoyed the process of commissioned works and most of my career I have been focused on commissions.

Sharing the creative process with my clients has definitely enriched me and brought me on paths that I would not have necessarily taken spontaneously. Over the last 15 years, every client left a little something on my art journey which made it what it is today. For that, I would like to thank them sincerely.

3 steps
Measuring Tape

1. First visit

A first meeting will help me understand your needs, your wants, your space and personality. If you are not sure of what you really want and what would be best for your space,  I can help you figure it out through a questionnaire. Being a trained interior designer, I will be more than happy to help you choose the right wall treatment or decor for your space.

During this first visit I will take all the necessary pictures and measurements to start the "Design Stage".

30-40 min onsite consultation
£55 (100% refundable with your final invoice)

Design Sketch Desktop

2. Design

Before doing anything in your space, I will make sure that you love your artwork. We will discuss and decide every aspect of the design together; from colour palette choice to the composition.

Decisions and directions will be made gradually and I will offer different choices with visual simulations in situ to help you make your decision. 

Usually takes 2-4 weeks depending on back and forths.


3. Installation

Some painting on doors and panels can be done in my studio, the painting time onsite will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Number of painting days will be estimated right after the design stage.

Average time for 1 wall: 2 days 

Picking the right artist

It is important that you spend some time looking at an artist's portfolio to determine whether or not their work will be a good fit for you. 


You will be involved in every step of the creative process so there is no reason for you to dislike your future design.

I have 15 years of experience in leading bespoke murals from very simple texture walls to sophisticated decorative ceilings and I'm quite confident that with good communication we can create the perfect project for you.

Assia was introduced to me by 2 of my good friends who have worked with her on 2 different commercial projects. Both of them told me she is amazing and she understand what your brand need and can design something that is practical yet appealing.
The working process is so smooth and she listened to the story behind our learning center then she help us expand our identity to another level as our business has grown and diverse from what we were 3 years ago.
She is very detail oriented, I am very satisfy with my experience with her and enjoy every step of the way.

Joyce, Spring


Each project is unique and will be the object of a specific quotation.

The technique, complexity of project and time spent onsite.

To give you an idea of different pricing per technique, you can see below a selection of murals with their price by square meter and time spent per installation.


(+44) 7510 791511

Thanks for submitting!

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