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Ink & Gouache, London 2020


This series is about transitions and resilience.
They are an exploration of our mental shift during times of transition, a wish of moving forward but also a reminder that these times are an opportunity for growth and for learning.

My inspirations for these paintings in video...

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This series of 6 paintings is a collection of ink and gouache on paper, made during the first lockdown in London, in 2020. A few months after moving from Hong Kong to the UK, the pandemic started in Europe. Which reminded us how important it was to keep a flexible mind and how very few things are under our control.  


The unknown, the cancellation of travel, cancellation of commuting and the never-ending amount of information that we had to consume daily was very challenging for our mental health.


For me, the lack of personal time was difficult. Exploring my thoughts through painting was very comforting and healing. I had no real goal when I started these paintings besides a conscious choice of colours. I liked to lose control over it and give myself the necessary freedom that my body and soul needed.


In these paintings, you will notice uncontrolled brush strokes layered with structured patterns.

Gradient effects, disappearing graphics suggest our transition from one state to another and the ginkgo is a symbol of our resilience. A playful and ascending composition demonstrating a wish to keep going forward. The deep blue colour is a reference to the East, contrasting with the warm Mediterranean earthy colours of my childhood.


Shifting into and settling in new situations can be quite scary and uncomfortable, however it's also an opportunity to create something unique. I have loved every minute of these studio times, they were very personal but I hope that they will speak to you too.


These paintings playfully layer space and time.
I hope they will inspire you as much as they inspired me to to go through unavoidable but necessary shifts…

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