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Under & Over

Under & Over

Acrylic on canvas
Original artwork

Artwork size: 61 x 91 x 3.5 cm

Frame size: 64.5 x 95 x 5 cm


Zouak Series 2021

This artwork is part of a series of acrylic on canvas, named “Zouak”.

It is an exploration on the subject of identity and multiculturalism.


The last two decades, I have had the chance to live in different parts of the world, from Morocco where I grew up to Asia and then Europe. Each place has left a mark.

In this painting, I explore times, spaces and cultures.

The viewer is invited to travel in a new dimension where all those elements will gracefully blend. An eternal quest for calming harmony between layers of colours, textures and patterns.


With my art, I aim to explore the complex topic of identity, how it evolves and grows through multicultural experiences. A fruitful journey where cultures, traditions and innovations happily find each other, a celebration of diversity and differences.


All patterns are hand-painted, the meditative aspect of this practice invite the viewer to contemplate and slow-down. The background pattern is an inspired moroccan pattern that we call “Zouak” in Arabic. We usually find them as an ornement on ceramics but here I enjoyed revitalize this pattern by destructure and play with it in the composition.

The textured and transparent layers are a more organic and spontaneous process. I enjoyed both of these practices, they might seems paradoxal but just like in life, they interact, play and finally find balance & harmony.

  • White wooden floating frame

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