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My name is Assia Bennani and I’m very happy to welcome you in my Art Class.
I’ve worked in the architecture, mural and illustration business for 15 years now and the last two years I had the pleasure to welcome young and less young people in my studio. It's been a fascinating adventure so far and I'm willing to continue here in London to share my knowledge with you.


This art class is a programme where we create different artworks using different mediums such as painting, drawing, collage, stencils, watercolors and ink. Most of the projects take 2 to 4 classes so we should complete a total of 3-5 projects over a term. 
Art history & references will be incorporated into the lessons whenever possible. 

The class is intended to be a fun art experience and a relaxing meditative moment. We will focus on basic techniques like learning to draw with a grid, understanding colors, creating textures and shadows. 
More techniques will be discovered over the year and we will try to find a good balance between technical learning, creativity and enjoyment!


Registration must be done online here.
The first class is considered as a trial class and will not be charged if you decide to not come back. If you wish to continue, this class will be simply counted as the first term class.
Payment will be due (paid in full) before the second class of the term. 
Classes will last two hours for the adult morning class.
If you choose to cancel your enrollment in the class, please let me know as soon as possible as I need time to organise supplies for the following classes. Once supplies have been purchased I will be unable to refund tuition fees.


There will be no refunds for missed classes, however, according to availability, you can attend a double class over the term to make it up if two classes are running over the term.
If possible, please avoid scheduling doctor or other similar appointments during the art class time. Interruption of the weekly progress inhibits a student from learning and progressing efficiently and as a project may run over 2 sessions, he/she will be delayed with the project. 


Decorative painting

On walls & cabinets

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