You did it!

I love receiving pictures of your displays. It really means a lot to me so please keep them coming.
Send them to and receive 10% off your next order!
Here is a selection of some of the pictures I received from all over the world^^

Happy day everyone!

web-you-did-it-wall stickers- marguerite gribouilli-jecris_chalkboard_sticker_M&G3
A happy customer from Paris
J’écris à la française, chalkboard

wall stickers by Marguerite & gribouilli - you did it
Celeste, Corsica
75 stars, pink neon

you-did-it-posters-hello singapore- marguerite gribouilliyou-did-it-stencils- marguerite gribouilliFanny, Hong Kong
Hello singapore, Houses poster
Stencils, Kyoto

web-you-did-it-wall stickers- marguerite gribouilli-2
Little Gustave from Hong Kong
Looping, deep blue
Doudous 2 , orange

you-did-it-wall stickers- marguerite gribouilli5you-did-it-wall stickers- marguerite gribouilli7
Baby Lara from London
Grande angelette, pink
Petit à petit… white

you-did-it-wall stickers- marguerite gribouilli3
Jules & Alexandre from Hong Kong
75 stars

you-did-it-wall stickers- marguerite gribouilli
Sacha from Casablanca
Milkyway, pink neon

you-did-it-mapmonde- marguerite gribouilli
Ainara from Hong Kong
Planisphère canvas