Yoga UP

For last year’s holiday season, I planned to do nothing but exercise and take time for myself and my kids. A friend kindly recommended a great promotion at a new yoga studio here in Discovery Bay…unlimited yoga classes for a 21 day period.  Just perfect!

I attended my first class (and felt amazing for it), met the owner and after introducing ourselves she asked if I would consider creating 2 murals for her new studio.

The studios are stunning and very well decorated…I knew at this moment that I would have to say bye bye to my staycation plans ^^

Step by step I discovered the story and beautiful universe that is, Chaukei Ngai; she is one of those people that both intrigues and inspires you by her sheer energy.  We quickly agreed that abstract was the way to go.  The studios are contermporary with a minimalist, scandinavian look and the dominant colors are grey, turquoise and a beautiful ochre yellow.  Abstract imagery would be perfect.

Of course, we could have chosen something more figurative, related to zen and yoga or even imagery inspired by greenery but, we both preferred the idea of working with something more subtle and open to interpretation. Chaukei has a history with breathing problems and yoga has helped her a lot to control her anxiety.  I wanted to focus on all the immaterial and spiritual aspects of yoga and the colourful, abstract shapes we created somehow represent the flow and energy that we feel when practicing yoga. It’s all about breathing-in and breathing-out and in doing so, discovering our body’s strength…and I definitely painted the murals using the strength of my whole body.   It was both intense and energising.

To connect that flow of energy to the body we decided to add bright yellow body silhouettes to the background. Chaukei immediately liked this idea and suggested that we use she and her son. It was such a enjoyable and fun experience.  Their body prints came out quite different and definitely reflect their differing attitudes.  It was also so interesting to use their bodies as painting tools and for me not to be in control of the result!


And of course to add more magic and movement…there’s nothing better than a few dancing  dots.


I hope these murals will energise people when they stand in the room and will inspire them as much as they do us.

Thank you, Chaukei, for this beautiful journey. I couldn’t have wished for a better start to 2019.  I wish you and YogaUP happiness and success for the year to come.

Yoga UP   Tel:(+852) 819 75591
unit6-7 – Block 2 – North Plazza
Discovery Bay – Hong Kong