Tips: Half painted walls

Painting a wall half way up is sometimes the best way to bring a touch of color in a room, without jeopardizing the space. Especially in HK where the size of the rooms can be an issue…

Fully committing to a color on all four walls of a small room can definitely make it look…well….even smaller. Whereas, half painted walls will open up the space and give you more perspective while introducing the little touch of color that your room needs.  It will also highlight your furniture as it adds a great color contrast.

There are many ways to do it, but the golden rule is to avoid painting exactly down the middle of the wall! It just does not look really good. In fact, it is the height of your ceiling that will help you determine the separation line. The higher the ceiling, the larger the painted area could be. And why not having fun with stickers, frames or garlands. The choices are endless.

Below, a few options I really like:

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sources: hey yellow cat, plenty, cubic refugee tumblr, vtwonem, deco-cool, war by parker class trip pinterest.