Mim by La Mamounia

Ahh La Mamounia…..
When the Editor of MIM by La Mamounia, Mouna Anajjar, contacted me to ask me to create some illustrations for their Bee issue, I was over the moon.
La Mamounia is this prestigious Hotel Palace in the heart of Marrakech that I’ve heard about since I was a little girl.  A stunning place visited by people from all over the world.
This collaboration gave birth to a new creative direction for me, the tiny dots (bees here 🙂

A bilingual (French / English) publication, MIM is not your typical “hotel magazine”, it bridges the gap between magazine and book, and deals with luxury against the current of mainstream media.

MIM is a creative magazine and curator. Each issue is developed from a single theme with content made exclusively available for each edition: conversations, interviews, portraits, photographs, collages, illustrations, calligraphies, etc. MIM magazine offers a space for creativity to talented contributors, young imerging talents or long confirmed artists, to unlock a Morocco and a Marrakech under a subjective prism, artistic and contemporary.

I loved working on these illustrations, it was a great honnor, and working with you Mouna is always a blast! Your vision, rhythm and ethic are an inspiration.

I invite my readers to go through this beautiful magazine. My illustrations are displayed on the first page of each section.


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