BODINKER, Wearable Art

My mum did an amazing job keeping me away from getting a tattoo. She totally brain washed me and I’ve always been scared to get a tattoo.

Luckily, Bodinker happened!

 Bodinker commissions artists from around the globe to create temporary tattoos. This means you can choose a different design depending on your mood or the occasion. You can try something small or transform your skin into a gallery for the night. Enjoy the freedom of self-expression without making it permanent.

The quality is fantastic, they remain quite a long time, especially on the arms and legs and they are not hard to remove should you need to. 
Bodinker also plan to launch a mosquito repellent range very soon, how cool is that!

So far i’ve designed 2 collections for them
« A fleur de peau » and the « 4 seasons » that you may have seen as a print on my e-shop.
More to come soon 😉

You also want to see what other designers did so visit the website here, it’s amazing!

On the left picture, Peter Ross & Leanne Claxton designs



If you dreamt of designing a tattoo, this is your chance…… bodinker is running a little competition, there are 2 categories : youth and adults. The 2 winning designs will be part of bodinker next tattoo collection. If you love to draw, paint or doodle, they would love to see your work!  details for submissions here


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