Commissioned works are welcome! 

I've always enjoyed the process of commissioned works and most of the artworks here has been done by commissions.
Sharing a creative process with my clients has definitely enriched me and brought me on paths that I would not necessarily take spontaneously. Over these last 15 years, each clients left on my art journey a little something that make it what it is today and for that I thank them sincerely.

If you are interested in a commission, prices varie between £0.4 to 0.8/square cm (depending of the size) for an original painting on canvas with a minimum order of £750.
At the beginning of the process, a 50% of the total, non-refundable deposit will be required .
The length of time to complete your project will vary depending on how many projects going on and how large a piece you are requesting.  But I will do everything I can to fit your schedule.

(+44) 7510 791511

Thanks for submitting!