A ceiling with E. Mc Coll

If I have to pick one project that drained me in 2017 it would be this one!
What an adventure with my talented studio-mate Eleanor Mc Coll.
Eleanor needed help to reproduce a 40m2 ceiling in a mansion in Repulse Bay (HK). At first, I wasn’t very into the idea because of the very traditional style and lack of creativity of the project. But, I quickly changed my mind thinking it would be great training and this kind of project doesn’t come around every day.

The first step was to understand the composition of the décor, taking pictures and measurements to reproduce it “à l’identique”.
We quickly decided to make it at our studio on canvas that will be stuck on directly to the ceiling and only do the touch ups on site as well as some shading effects.

I completely replicated the decor on the computer in order to print out all the necessary stencils because the decor was mostly made up of 2 repetitive friezes.
After a couple of weeks of painting in the studio we were finally ready to install it right before Christmas!
The installation was done by our client’s contractor. It was not easy as the canvas pieces were very large and heavy. Plus, we were very surprised by how much the canvas had shrunk once the glue was applied but we managed to fix it with touch ups onsite. When you use paint, there is always a solution!

Thank you again to Eleanor for including me on this journey. It was such an incredible learning experience and I had a great feeling of achievement after the project!